President Masayoshi Ota

From telling to communicating.
Pondering the appeal of direct communication.

The age of borderless accelerates, popular hobbies and preferences are increasingly subdivided.
In such a market, how should we communicate our products and services in a high quality and efficient manner?
We are constantly taking on the challenge of evolving society and using our ability to analyze information and develop new ideas to amplify and realize the image of products and services.
We hope that together we can discover the value and wonder of direct communication.

代表 太田眞義


Create History and Share Emotion.

  1. We are a professional group who control event communication.Through events, we guarantee to impress various people and provide precious time that will never return.
  2. We are a company creating history and time with raising humanity that is sometimes forgotten. To share the emotional experience with, we also have mind to move ourselves, and promise to value the humanity and creator’s minds.


Company Name SP RING TOKYO CO., LTD.
Date of Establishment 1994/3/22
Capital Stock 30 million yen
Number of Employees 36(excluding officers / as of January 2021)
Tokyo Head Office 5,6,7F Nagasaki Bldg. 1-3-9 Irihune, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 104-0042
TEL:03 (5543) 2215 / FAX:03 (5543) 2216
Beijing Office 北京中和創意営銷策劃有限公司
北京市朝陽区霞光里66号院 遠洋新幹線A座807/808室
TEL 010-8447-9420



Security Service Authorization

Date of Approval : 2005/6/14
Certification Number : Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission No. 30002994
(Expiration Date : 2016/6/14~2025/6/13)

Privacy Mark Certification

Date of Approval : 2009/1/15
Certification Number : No. 10860790_08
(Expiration Date : 2020/7/19~2022/7/18)

Construction License

Permit Date : 2006/12/25
License Number : Governor of Tokyo Permit (general-28) No. 127209
(Expiration Date : 2016/12/25~2021/12/24)

License for General Worker Dispatching Undertakings

Permit Date : 2021/2/1
(Expiration Date : 2021/2/1~2024/1/31)