Capture Trend,
and Provide high grade
Event Solution.

We lead to achieve your goal through event flexibly.
Moreover, we provide you best solution by using our know-how accumulated for 27 years since establishment.


Responsibility for all process from event planning to management.

With our experience for 27 years, we take care of ceremonies and conventions that require high hospitality of VIP, large-scale promotional events over the country, events in unique venues no one has ever used before, and the long-term management of campaign offices.


We consider building plan to be the most important factor. From conceptual work to design, stage direction, and management plans, we have a firm grasp of the rapidly changing trends of the times and create highly original plans that meet the expectations of our clients.


Based on our know-how, We will formulate, negotiate, and arrange people, things, place and money one by one in detail. Even no one has experience with the event, we will organize the issues and surely lead it to success.


At the event day, We bring together multiple partner companies and a large number of staff to carry out optimal operations.


As Creator

Event will be completely different depending on creator. Creator’s heart can move the emotions of the recipient. We have many creators who can put their hearts into each and every task.

National Network

From Hokkaido to Okinawa, we provide “Tokyo-quality” from the arrangement of people and items, such as human resources, and equipment, to the actual implementation of the event on site.


  • Summit & Convention

    Summit & Convention

    We can assist to various plans regarding summit and conventions that require high hospitality (OMOTENASHI) of VIP at each event.

  • Opening Ceremony

    Opening Ceremony

    We take care of not only brilliant Opening ceremony, but also Preview for the press and Pre-Opening.

  • EXPO & Exhibition

    EXPO & Exhibition

    We’re a proven event production on EXPO and Exhibition fields. Based on our know-how, we will formulate, arrange people and things.

  • Ceremony & Reception

    Ceremony, Seminar & Reception

    We can propose high hospitality reception, guidance plans, and stage direction to suit your needs.

  • Promotion Event

    Promotion Event

    We are in charge of every process related to events from planning of effective communication to site management with KPIs in mind. Of course, Nationwide promotion is also available.

  • Press event

    Press Event

    We can plan a “shining (=draw media attention)” stage direction that appoint talents, and propose venues and operations that suit your needs.

  • Sport Event

    Sports Event

    We are good at directing and managing events that “tell” and “experience” the appeal of various sports. We can also take care of the celebration parade.

  • Social Event

    Social Event

    We provide a wide range of support, from planning and implementation of events led by government agencies and local governments to the setup and operation of related secretariats.

  • Overseas


    We also produce promotional events overseas, mainly in Asia, as well as reception parties and various events in Japan sponsored by overseas companies.

  • Online Event

    Online Event

    We can undertake Online events on the live streaming platform such as YouTube.